Translation services

Translation services and interpretation

Language Atelier is a language service provider located in Prague. We provide translation services that exceed expectations in quality and expertise. What differentiates us from competitors is our warm, family atmosphere and high quality services at an affordable rate. We provide both general and certified translation services.

We offer flexible and high-quality translation and interpretation services from/ into:

English English
French language courses French
German language courses German
Bulgarian translations Bulgarian
Spanish Spanish
portuguese_lang Portuguese
Italian Italian
Dutch translations Holland Dutch
Czech Czech
Russian language courses Russian
Polish translations Poland Polish
Arabic Arabic
turkish_lang Turkish
Chinese Chinese
Japanese Japanese
Hebrew Israeli Jewish translations Hebrew

And almost any language combination you need!

Translate to and from any language, get high quality services at a good price!

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Document Translation Services

We provide high quality documentation translation services at a surprisingly low cost. Prices are established per 1 standard page of target text. A standard page is equivalent to 30 lines of text with 60 characters in each line or 1800 letters including one space after each word. The minimum order is 1 standard page and final price is rounded up for 0.5 of a standard page.

Certified Translation Services

The certified translations we provide include technical, economic, and legal translations including legalization. More specifically we provide certified translations, copies of certified translations, specialist translations, super legalization, and notarized copies for binding and CD records. We guarantee short delivery times and include express translation services for a minimal additional fee.

Interpretation Services in Prague

A common issue for global businesses is communication efforts. Communication is what solidifies and strengthens a company. If executives around the world cannot communicate the business is set up to fail. This is why we provide interpretation services. The interpreters that work for Language Atelier offer a helping hand to guide customers smoothly through business meetings, seminars, and/or presentations. Including Language Atelier interpreters in business meetings and presentations ensures successful communication of data and information. Another benefit to providing interpretation services is how it shows your dedication to eliminating the barriers that culture and language create. We provide consecutive interpretation services, simultaneous interpretation services, and certified interpretation of a wedding.

Additional Services and Expert Service Providers

We only employ only the highest quality of language experts. All of your orders are processed and completed by a large team of native speakers in multiple languages. In addition to the services already mentioned we provide professional proofreading for sheets of foreign texts including Czech. (Note- this does not apply for documents that have already been processed through a computer translator).