Learn & Travel

Learn and Travel Language Atelier

Combine a special language course, led by experienced teachers, with a tour to anywhere in the world!

You choose the content after consultation with the executives of the travel agency.

The basic principle of the concept is creating an ideal ratio of QUALITY to PRICE.


  • Wide selection of destinations and prestigious schools (up to 40 countries all over the world)
  • Free consulting services
  • The lowest price guaranteed
  • Quality courses in a multicultural environment (from beginner to advanced, group or individual courses)
  • Large number of activities outside class
  • Different types of accommodation, which are carefully chosen
  • Programs to fit you individually
  • Travel insurance included
  • The program is designed for Czech citizens and also foreigners to study abroad or in the Czech Republic
  • Opportunity to choose boarding and participation in the optional events

We would like to introduce you to a new concept Learn & Travel, which is a result of a unique project of two companies: Language Atelier and Havl Travel, the first being a language school, and the second, a travel agency.

colosseumOur aim is to provide high-quality services in areas of team building events, language courses and company trips. We want your employees to come back from the courses satisfied, relaxed and happy, realizing that their language skills have significantly improved. On top of that they will be full of experiences, which is something that other companies can’t provide you with because they deal with only one travel agency, which is not able to incorporate all services into one event.

Making contacts with dozens of partners from the Czech Republic and abroad we continually improve the quality and arrange an ideal trip combined with a language course directly in the place of your stay. It is a singular service on the Czech market, all for an affordable price, with high quality and, foremost, tailored to our clients’ needs.

The executive of the travel agency agrees with the client on all conditions of the company’s trip or other events in advance and the executive also serves as an expert adviser and recommends the most convenient means of transport and the accommodation of optional trips.

Together with the representative of Language Atelier school they settle the details of a language course, with conditions and parameters specified by the client.

With Learn & Travel we will take care of your study stay abroad from A to Z (setting up the course, registration, accommodations, reservations, dealing with the airlines, bus or train tickets, visas, and if necessary, travel insurance, assistance, and any other special needs).

Thanks to high-quality advisory services, the best school and program to fit you is Learn & Travel, an ideal choice for managers, CEOs and for young employees. Learn &Travel is your partner for organizing your language stay.

Learn to travel and get to know the world in “Business Class”!

Please, feel free to contact us to get more details about the program!


A few words about our Learn & Travel partner, Havl Travel

Havl Travel agency Our job is to deal and sell tours, air-tickets and accommodation all over the world, especially for groups. We have developed a concept, which enable groups, companies and schools to enjoy an “ideal” tour, where the basic principle is the quality – price ratio, which we always promote in the interest of the client.

We can also offer you qualified consulting in the area of tourism and services of Havl Travel information system. We offer about 2 500 000 tours for individuals. This offer is updated on a regular basis and gradually extended. You will definitely be able to choose from our large number of Euro-weekends, short or long term stays and tours, cruises, wellness or ski trips or even sport tours to Champions League, Formula 1 or auto shows.

Our agency also recommends the Masai expedition. You will find more information about the tour on our website.