Philosophy of Language Atelier, language school in Prague

Philosophy of Language Atelier, Prague language school.

Solution of success in business – language courses.

Whether in Prague or Paris, speaking a foreign language and being able to communicate with different cultures has always been an advantage. In fact, language learning is vital in today’s business climate. Considering the growing global markets in Prague and elsewhere, as well as increasingly greater interest in customer-focus, being able to communicate in various foreign languages is an indispensable skill for companies all over the globe. In order to maintain a high level of competitiveness, knowledge of and communication with different cultures from Prague to Beijing, meeting them on their turf and learning their language, is crucial.

Given today’s economy, Language Atelier understands your company’s need to minimize costs. Our Language school brings you a flexible and adaptable solution to your business language learning requirements, tailored to the needs of your unique organization.

Our language school was founded on two key principles:

  • Commitment to quality
  • Providing value for your money

At Language Atelier you can expect the following:

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Communication is the key.

The ability to communicate effectively in English or other languages is a key factor for us at Language Atelier. The language level chart helps in many different ways:

  • It provides objective descriptions of what tasks can be performed at different levels of ability.
  • It helps us place you in a class at the right level when you arrive on your first day at our language school.
  • It helps you assess what you can do in the language at a particular level as opposed to what you know.
  • After reaching the desired level, you would be able to acquire a language certificate.
  • It helps you define language objectives that you can aim for.